Suburban Giants

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10 November 2008, 2:47 pm

Join Jo Kerlogue and Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart on an interactive, suburban, projection journey, of sight and SOUND, sound, sound. . . . (but mainly sight).

Feast festival, Mt Barker Nov 13th, Unley Nov 20th & Marion Nov 27th.

Click here for more info on the three events, or here to get the full festival PDF.

Australia’s first electrically charged Action Kung Fu TV series! - Downtown Rumble!

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24 October 2008, 2:24 am

OK, so not exactly graffiti based… but it does star Ali Kadhim, one of the GRL Masterclass participants from earlier this year, so we felt it was worth a mention!

Screening nation wide, ‘Downtown Rumble’ is a 6 Part short TV series on the ABC 1 - Triple J TV programme, starting Saturday 9.00am on the 25th of October.

Rebellious student (Timothy Ly) has robbed The great Master (Craig Anderson) of the sacred orbs of strength and speed. With the Master injured, his new apprentice (Maria Tran) goes on the mission to track the assailant downtown to bring back the orbs —- Let the mayhem begin.

The team that brought you Australia’s First Kung Fu urban action Kung Fu film - Maximum Choppage: Round 2. Featuring the talents of Action Team ‘9 Lives’ and also starring ABC’s Actor/Director of the AFI award winning Comedy Series - “Double The Fist” — Craig Anderson.

‘Downtown Rumble’ is Western Sydney’s community Youth Film production group — Rumble Pictures first foray on national television!

Starring Maria Tran, Timothy Ly, Craig Anderson and Ali Kadhim.
Directed by Ryan Peters
Cinematography By Rudge Hollis
Produced by Maria Tran
Action Director Timothy ly

reblog: GRL Australia

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7 October 2008, 12:43 pm

Catch up with Chris Tamm’s st2k Sydney shenanigans here, Adelaide’s Lachlan Tetlow Stuart’s recent activities with Wiimotes for SALA here and CuriousWork’s how-to guide for turning any space into an interactive gallery here.

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