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Posted by Fee
2 March 2008, 10:53 am

While we eagerly await the arrival of Evan Roth and James Powderly (Graffiti Research Lab, and F.A.T. New York) I thought I would take a moment to introduce you to the lucky masterclass participants.

Lachlan Tetlow-StuartFirstly, Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart gets a special mention as he is the ‘Writer in Residence’ and will be reporting regularly throughout the week. He is an arts journalist and artist working across performance and new-media with a preoccupation for light and time based visual forms. As an arts journalist, Lachlan has written and produced radio for a variety of media including Triple J, Jmag and The Program.

Laura WillsLaura Wills.
Laura works across media and in community art projects with interests in re-using materials and basing projects on social and environmental themes. Currently working from the Experimental Arts Foundation Adelaide, Laura is exhibiting in cellar sweatshop at Light Square Gallery as part of the 2008 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Drawing works can be viewed at the SoMA Galleries web page under previous exhibitions.

Shakti founded CuriousWorks in 2005. His first initiative, The Migrant Project, brought together forty Sydneysiders with cultural and artistic ancestries from across the globe, to develop performance, film and online works. Currently, Shakthi is completing All That She Knows, a documentary filmed in India and Australia, and recording his first album under the moniker ASI.

Adam SynnottAdam Synnott.
Since Graduating from Adelaide Centre for the Arts in 2004 Adam has been implicated with companies and Independent artists including Australian Dance Theatre, Leigh Warren and Dancers, Troy Mundy, Fiona Malone, Frances D’ath, Alison Currie, Amanda Phillips, Jason Lam and Sascha Budimski (aevoc). He has toured and performed throughout Australia and Overseas. He has recently returned from Electrofringe in Newcastle where he and Jason Lam opened a new media installation called ‘Extirpation’.

Jo KerlogueJo Kerlogue.
Current projects in development for 2008 include a new episodic series for mobile phone/web/print and projection named “Paranoid Self Destroyer” AND “Nonchalant Sally Valley”, which can only be described as a multimedia exploration and art performance collaboration with a string quartet. For details of the ever expanding alter ego Nonchalant Sally, online comics, music, video, art and events go to

Logan MacdonaldLogan Macdonald.
Logan is an Adelaide based practicing visual artist recently graduate from the South Australian School of Art with a Bachelor Of Visual Arts (Honours). Applying an experimental and hap-hazard approach to creating his work which examines relationships to street culture and its associated subcultures that aren’t recognised largely by mainstream popular culture. These subcultures intersect a variety of area’s ranging from music, graffiti, skateboarding, and fine art utilising alternative systems of displaying and creating works.

Chris TammChris Tamm.
Chris Tamm has been working with digital, photographic, print and street media for over twenty years. Originally from Adelaide Chris is currently living in Sydney teaching digital art, media and street art for Sydney Council having just completed a stint at MAY’S Lane - Australia’s largest curated outdoor street art space. Konsumterra on Flickr and Myspace.
Simeon MoranSimeon Moran.
Simeon is a co-founder of Horse Bazaar, a Melbourne venue that provides an outlet for panoramic digital art, and the Digital fringe festival, an open access digital arts festival that screens across the city and online. He is (still) embroiled in a never ending Phd and thus also, somewhat dubiously, considers himself a student.

Justin SchmidtJustin Schmidt.
I’m interested in ways of mixing art and technology, adding a sprinkling of social justice and a dash of commerce. I work from a background in youth work and run Horse Bazaar, a multi faceted business that has its fingers in lots of pies; producing Digital Fringe for the Melbourne Fringe Festival, hosting and developing a diverse range of art installations as well as developing media delivery systems.

Kel MocilnikKel Mocilnik.
Kel creates works utilising many mediums. He has collaborated with choreographers Peter Sheedy and Alison Currie, sound artist Fleur Green, and was the scenic artist for Restless Dance Company (2007). Kel was director of photography for Grey Song Eleven that toured internationally with Cinedans (2006).

Ali KadhimAli Kadhim.
Dedicating his life to artforms and expression both creative and physical, Ali Kadhim has been drawing comic art and graffiti since young and doesn’t choose to focus on any one artform. He mixes them and studies physical movement like parkour and breaking and is ambitious to spread all these artforms. YouTube site.
Narisa CashNarisha Cash.
Narisha is a 29 year-old female graffiti artist who goes by the pseudonym ISHK/ NISH. She started using aerosol paint in 1995 and has since pursued graffiti art as a passion, hobby and career. She has participated in and organised projects and exhibitions in Adelaide, interstate and overseas, ranging from setting up large mural productions with the help of funding to facilitating workshops to producing live art for festivals. Narisha’s work has featured in the graffiti publications Graffiti Women, Dirty Deeds, Illegal fame and O4F.

Benzo is an artist/illustrator/designer based in Adelaide. He has produced work for The Adelaide Festival Centre, The Adelaide festival of the Arts and The Adelaide Fringe Festival. He likes living in Adelaide and going to festivals . . . View Flickr, Myspace and

Jerrem LynchJerrem Lynch.
Jerrem is a New Media Artist with a passion for new audiences and technology. After studying Electronic Art, Jerrem has spent the last three years working as a commercial artist and interactive systems developer. His latest projects involve experimental mixing of video for live projection into public spaces. Find him here.

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  • mattyb:

    I would like to know more about your organisation. i do grafffiti in Adelaide with CSB. I am 15 and live in teh coutry at Ardrosson for part of the week

  • Fee:

    Hey mattyb,
    Thanks for dropping us a comment.
    There were a few groups involved with this project - Graffiti Research Lab (, Carclew ( and ANAT (
    Feel free to contact any of us to find out more and to get involved. Send us samples of your work too.
    Cheers, f.

  • Sarah McCarthy:

    I am a teacher at a high school and am wondering if it’s possible to organise
    an excursion to bring some of my students to see your work and hear you speak. They are all into graffiti and, as the Art and ESL teacher, I’m trying
    to expose them to various perspectives on graffiti- its place in society and it’s
    validity as an art form. i’m also trying to discourage vandalism as they are apt to get
    into trouble both at school and on the street for tagging etc… If you could please help
    that would be great!!!


  • Fee:

    Sarah, you should contact either Carclew ( or ANAT (anat [at] and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Will:

    love what you guys are doing. I’ve got some projects starting up involving visualization & new media in urban spaces. I’m based out of Brisbane and would like to get involved with any kind of work like what ya’ll are doing. Any chance anyone out there knows of stuff going down in Brisbane (or Queensland)? Thanks!


  • Fee:

    hey will, thanks for your message.
    there are a few happenings around australia now. apparently Carclew ran some events during the SALA festival here recently, Jerrem (one of the masterclass participants) runs regular events in WA and there’s now an official website for the australian community -
    best thing to do though is email us directly - portable [at]

  • Natalie Harris:

    ok, I am hoping that this message will be passed on to Narisha Cash, I have been searching for her for years.. Please let her know that Natalie Harris is trying ti contact her from GGHS,
    Cheers, Much appreciated

  • Tanya Green:

    Hi, I am hoping that this is still a current website & that someone might be able to point me in the right direction. My son is almost 13 & like most teenagers these days, has a passion for graffitti. He is very artistic & to my knowledge, is only completing his work in the numerous sketch pads he constantly buys. My dliemma is keeping him off the street, out of trouble & directing him to the correct places where he can learn to express himself in a legal & safe environment. Do you know of anywhere in Sydney that I could contact as far as graffitti art classes, Government based projects etc? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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