GEEK GRAFFITI: version 1.0

Posted by Lachlan
3 March 2008, 6:24 pm

The creative process is so often a savage mongrel. Given a swag of inspiration and a blank check for creativity, where do you begin?

This is the lovely predicament we find ourselves in at days end of Day 1. A city awaits subversion, Grl’s top guns are flown out from NY for this strict purpose; thrusting ideas and technology into our minds and hands, and leaving the remaining missing element of the puzzle rawly exposed: a project to put these resources into action.

The day began with a reminder of the humbling nature of technology: no matter how internationally renowned or tech savvy you may be, it’s inevitably going to catch up with you and give you a swift kick to the groin. Tech hick ups resolved, Day 1 grew into a masterclass on what is possible, what has come before, what kicks ass, and only a very slight mention on the extremely brief subject of what isn’t possible.

With the recent dispute between man and technology peacefully resolved, it was on to a good solid morning of Youtube browsing, trawling through street art the world over. From performative happenings, to instillations and graf; essentially a brief history of how to screw with public space and the public.

It’s ridiculous to give an exhaustive list here, but what follows is a brief sample to wet one’s anarchic appetite:

First up, my fav: Improv Everywhere. Co-ordinated by a friend of Evan and James, Improv Everywhere harnesses a grand number of people through online networks to create happenings in public space. This clip, staged in Grand Central Station of New York City, is arguably one of the most successful happenings by the group.

Another friend and collaborator of GRL’s, Mark Jenkins, draws his inspiration specifically from public spaces and through his instillations attempts to re-contextualises and subvert these spaces. The following work is titled Embedded #1 and is obviously the first in a series of ‘embedded’ street instillations.

For more of Mark’s work, check out:

Further recommended sites include: A Spanish street subversion artist in the same vein as Mark Jenkins.
Geek-Graffiti Evan Roth’s infamous course tought at Parsons Uni in NY City.

And then the gizmos and gadgets for the week’s frivolities where revealed:


And everyone rejoiced:

Group 1

And some where particularly pleased with their new toys:

And as the day came to a close, we where left with a handful of magnets, a mindful of ideas and given the mission to discover ’systems’ within the city that could be disrupted in a potentially playful and poignant manner; ie. ‘find a shit hot project to throw ourselves into for the next four and a half days’.

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    where do i buy and learn how to set up system….this is something i need to get right away so i can start getting the message out………

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