Banksy and Beyond

Posted by Lachlan
4 March 2008, 3:16 pm

Lesson II: Banksy.

It’s hard to talk about graffiti without a tip of the hat or a middle finger to this gentlemen.

Banksy 1

Banksy. The shadowy figure ghosting between the graf and conventional art worlds, collecting major sums for his work the world over.

You know what hip-hop has done with the word ‘nigger’ - I’m trying to do that with the word vandalism, bring it back.

Thanks again to Evan’s Geek-Graffiti course, check out a comprehensive slide show of Banksy’s work [here]. Or conversely check out a slightly more legal documentation of his work:

A further site to look into, thanks to fellow masterclass participant Chris Tam, continues this overriding theme of public subervion: The Blind Authority Manipulation Corporation. Living under the broad banner of Neoism, an equally absurd concept, The Blind Authority Manipulation Corporation deal with the subversion of advertising and art theory. Creating ‘how to kits’ re-appropriating adverts and offering long winded nonsense manifesto to clutter the art world with just a little more confusing bullshit.

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  • nolan ryan:

    FUCK YOU! Banksy is awesome.

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