Day 2.1

Posted by Lachlan
5 March 2008, 7:49 am

So conceptualising is now done with. The mantra for the day was ‘make it happen’. And bamb!: ‘Make it happen’ - happened.

After an initial extended discourse on last nights home work; which involved divulging the secrets of Adelaide’s city landscape, it’s loop holes and peculiarities to the interstate and international delegates; the group moved into stage II. Moke up designs where presented and vague mission statements where laid down. Projectors, glue and LED’s where taken up and the Artspace transformed into a industrious factory of subversion.
[I will make a quick cruelly-tantalising note though at this point. For it must be said that this jump between conceptualisation and creation wasn’t seamless. It in fact experienced a slight pause. This pause was for the purposes of a side project so controversial, so mindbogglingly incriminating, that to post it on this blog would endanger both you and the national security of this fine country. Sorry to tease, but my hands are tied!]

But back to the factory that’s quickly been erected around us. In one corner we’ve got Benzo perfecting the lettering of a most infamous tagger / property owner in the Adelaide cityscape:


In a homage to another Adelaide icon, Jo has chosen ex-local TV personality Anne Wills to glorify. Transforming her equally iconic over sized earrings into little maps of South Australia, jeweled with a single LED in each [the LED’s weren’t installed at the time of the pictures]. According to Jo, her choice of subject matter came about when looking for a South Australian icon to pay tribute to, a rare find in SA according to Jo. Was it the alluring presence of a fellow artist that compelled her to Willsy (an avid water colourist) or her history making 17 Logies and subsquent fall from grace that drew Jo to this dazzling lady of the lights? Nonetheless Jo was inspired to once again raise the old gail’s profile through her selfless act of homage, in this city of ephemeral stardom.

Jo Anne Wills

Although the pioneering move towards inserting LED’s began earlier in the day, when Chris was discovered madly cutting and painting on the Artspace floor, while the rest of the participants and facilitators where barely confronting the first coffee of the day. The following pic is an initial sample of the complete poster range.

Chris Posters

Chris also became the subject of the team from Sydney’s Horse Bazaar projection project. Which as far as I could ascertain, involved shooting digital video of him doing crazy stuff, which would then be projected onto buildings…

Chris Alien

Heading towards the other end of the room finds the second half of Ben and Lauren’s ‘polite project’ [1], a bike ready for high tech wizardry [2] and the humble beginnings of the future night’s Throwie revelry [3+4]. A revelry that draws ever closer…

North day2
The calm before the storm: only hours before the space is invaded for the simple purpose of one LED, one battery and one magnet.

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  • JoBeeOne:

    Looks like fun - love to see some throwie action around town.

  • Fee:

    hey JoBeeOne,
    it IS fun!
    if you’ve seen any around you should post the photos up somewhere and send us the link!

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