“Throwies Make People Go A Little Crazy”

Posted by Lachlan
5 March 2008, 8:19 am

At 6:30 the masses began to build. The Throwie public workshop was upon us. Like rock concert punters, people massed outside the venue jostling to get a good position. 7:00 came and it was obvious that the numbers had been underestimated for the size of the now claustrophobic Artspace. But like Moses commanding his flock, James bestrides the masses commanding submission and compliance:

Throwie 2

The mission stated: “1 LED, 1 battery, 1 magnet”. The assembled punters where given a demonstration of this weapon’s power:

Throwie 4

And it wasn’t long before the room buzzed with light and laughter as young and old got stuck into the simplest electronic project conceivable. But this accessibility is precisely the magic of the Throwie. When one is empowered by the creative process, one owns it; expedientially multiplying the joy acquired from a simple blob of light.

Throwie 5

And once the flood gates had opened, there was no going back. Experimentations with these strange little contraptions where conservative at first - limited to the metal beams running the width of the Artspace ceiling. Blobs of light began to jump out of this swarming mass of bodies, flying across the room and disappearing back into the swarm, occasionally sticking to a beam. But it was only a short time before the mass began to spill out onto the landing outside the Artspace and quickly begin to colonise every metal surface within a hundred metre radius. Chalk came out and festivities started to hit a higher gear.

And what of securities attitudes to the beautification of the buildings under their protection? Well, who better to know the metal composition of a building then those who’s job it is to safeguard them? And our security guard quickly become the guide to the best Throwie surfaces on the Artspace landing.

Although this was a riot. There where bigger fish to fry. Bigger exposure to be had. And reluctantly the procession moved off towards North Terrace and the shipping containers installed for the Festival’s opening; leaving a behind a path of lights akin to Hansel and Gretel, if their father had been an electronic engineer rather than a poor woodcutter.

Throwie 7

Finally the holy grail of our Throwie adventured loomed: big, metallic and just begging for some colour and light:

throwie 8

Unfortunately my photography skills give no real impression of the event. So if YOU where there - and YOU took pictures or video: make a comment. Let us know what you thought. I would dearly love to be able to post some awesome pics that do justice to Tuesday night’s adventure.

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  • me:

    your a fucking idiot, teaching kids how to throw leds at metal objects and calling it “graffiti”? Yes, techniquely it is, but not only is this a part of the new “hippie, love everyone and art” bullshit concept going around, but people like you are slowly crippling the soul of graffiti.

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