Light In The Dark

Posted by Lachlan
7 March 2008, 7:34 pm

Dusk sets over Adelaide. Darkness draws in. We are at the end and the beginning.

Official proceedings have now concluded at Adelaide HQ, but GRL’s presence in Adelaide and Australia is far from over. First and most importantly, the onset of night signals the ever approaching final GRL lead night of LASER Tag in this fine city for the foreseeable future. If you haven’t caught it yet, be sure to be out and about tonight on the look out for tags of unusually large dimensions and of an unusually technological nature.

And what does the foreseeable future hold for GRL Australia? Well, be sure to watch this blog for the huge amounts of work and documentation that have and will still continue to flow from this week’s melting pot. In fact one better: make sure you drop by the Artspace from next Wednesday to view the week’s work in the flesh. From Wednesday through to Sunday the space will be open displaying work from the week; both installed in the space and displayed in video documentation.

The final news to come from the late afternoons rap up was commanding support for GRL Australia to take wings. A seed has been sown…

So grab your nearest tech appliance and strap it to your back, the night is young and tech street art is to be had. Get out there and make yourself heard anyway you can. The laser calls.

2 responses to “Light In The Dark”

  • Bec:

    Is GRL stuff still going on in Adelaide? I’m writing my thesis on digital forms of graffiti and I’d love some local input..

  • Lachlan:

    Hey Bec,

    Although there has been a lot of talk around more digital graf in Adelaide - at the moment there isn’t all that much happening - although this will hopefully change come August - when the SALA Festival kicks in.

    You may be interested to hear that is about to be launched - this will hopefully give a national focussed point for digital graffiti. Another good link to follow up is - (WA GRL masterclass participant’s blog). Jerem’s putting in some very nice work both in WA and most recently in Melbourne (or Sydney - I can’t remember - either way - i wasn’t there…!).

    Check out either of these sites for more info… or feel free to contact me directly: lachlan4242 [AT]


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